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Congrats to these TEAM SWEET
SPOT Competitors!!!
A *Special* shout out goes to Joe Deur on his #1 🥇🏆Finish in MPO!!! Joe is an excellent player with a great mental attitude! We are so happy to see him in the NUMBER ONE SPOT! WAY TO GO JOE!

Alicia also came out on top!! 🏆🥇

Lots of other strong finishes from the TEAM!

Great job!

#team #tamsweetspot #discgolf

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New MVP / Axiom Pre-Order Available Now Sweetspotdiscgolf.com —— MVP Neutron Trail SE — MVP Stock Neutron Trail — MVP Fission Dimension Eagle Elemental Series Wynn Dragon — Axiom Fission Defy Special Edition — Axiom Fission Defy Stock — Axiom Total Eclipse Hex Stock—- Details In Each Listing @sweetspotdiscgolf.com ...

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First day on the job after a long holiday weekend -- Somebody’s Cryztal Raptor gets a Chihuahua footprint #sweetspotdiscgolf ...

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Henderson Lake Open #12 And They’re Off!
Montague,Mi #Niceshot #Sweetspotdiscgolf #Players

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July 4 Hours:
11:20 - 2:30

Sweet Spot Disc Golf
3142 Glade | 49444
Easy Access From ALL Major Highways in Michigan!


#july4 #4thofJuly #discgolf #discshop #discstore #sweetspotdiscgolf #frisbeegolf #playdiscgolf #gooutside #vacation #familytime

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Congrats to these TEAM SWEET
SPOT Competitors over the last couple weeks on their strong play! 💪🥏🔥
Amy pushed through Am Masters Worlds to a super strong finish!! Way to go!

Special recognition to our FIRST PLACE 🥇

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