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Sweet Spot Disc Golf launched in 2005 in Muskegon, Michigan out of love for the game and lack of a local shop. Michigan is the home of Discraft, MVP, Axiom, and J-Bird Dyed Discs as wells as some of the best courses in the country. Sweet Spot linked-up with J-Bird Discs, one of the first (if not THE first) custom dye makers on the scene, and started providing unique custom dyed discs to enthusiasts everywhere. We pride ourselves in providing a full range of top disc brands. Today we enjoy sharing our love for the sport with thousands of customers who want the best in their bag.

We believe in . . .providing the best plastic and gear for players of any skill level. Whether you’re an OPEN, AM1, AM2, AM3, REC or Beginner, Sweet Spot Disc Golf’s goal is to offer a range of discs and gear that play to your experience level and budget — that’s why we offer clinics and lessons to help YOU succeed! Put a Sweet Spin on it. Respect the game, your opponents and the courses you play. You’ll be rewarded with Sweet Success!!

We Love the sport . . . and so do our customers. We know the love of the sport runs deep and is growing everyday. You might love it for the exercise, being out in nature, hanging out with your friends, the competition or maybe just for the fun of it. But, no matter what makes your reason for playing the worlds best sport, there’s nothing better than the Sweet Thrill of the throw.

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