Disc Golf Profiles

Disc Golf Putt & Approach
Disc golf putters have a blunt edge and are slower than all of the other types of discs. They are more accurate and do not travel as far as mid range discs. Shop Disc Golf Putters.

Disc Golf Mid Range
Disc golf mid range discs have edges that are bevelled and slightly blunt. They are used for longer approach shots and can be used off the Tee for moderate length drives. Mid Range discs usually fly stable and fly in slower more controllable speeds than a driver / fairway driver.  Shop Disc Golf Mid Range Discs.

Disc Golf Fairway Driver
Disc golf fairway drivers are very similar to Distance Drivers in shape and flight. The main differences are slower speeds, smaller rims, and shorter distances. The rim of a fairway driver is not as wide, making it more controllable than distance  drivers. Shop Disc Golf Fairway Drivers.

Disc Golf Distance Driver
Disc golf drivers have a sharp, bevelled edge that is great for cutting through the air. They are mainly used for shots off the tee pad that need to travel a significant distance towards the basket. Shop Disc Golf Drivers.

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