Discraft Paul McBeth 6X Claw ESP Luna

Discraft Paul McBeth 6X Claw ESP Luna


Paul McBeth Commemorative Discs — Anax-Zeus, Hades, Malta, Luna, Athena

6X World Disc Golf Champion Paul McBeth and Discraft Team Player Commemorative discs are here!  

The Discraft worldwide commemorative release includes the: Anax, Zeus, Hades, Malta, Luna, and Athena. All part of Paul McBeth’s champion lineup helping Paul win 3 World Disc Golf Titles playing for Team Discraft.

Add these to your collection or purchase extra to throw!  These swirly Esp 6X Paul McBeth World Champion Discs will surely offer a hot look and flight in 2023! 




Discraft is proud of Paul McBeth and all his accomplishments this past year both on and off the course. In celebration of the 6x World Champion, Discraft will be releasing a special run of discs.

Paying homage to their original 4x claw, Discraft chose to emphasize his McBeast nature and the incredible performance at the 2022 PDGA World Championship on his signature series discs.

In addition to the McBeast discs, Paul wanted a more subtle look for his PM line to highlight his achievements while keeping it simple.

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Teal Swirl, Blue Swirl, Green Swirl, Grey Swirl, Pink Swirl, Yellow Swirl, Orange Swirl, Purple Swirl, Red Swirl, Yellow/Orange Swirl, Yellow/Green Swirl, Tan Swirl, Lt. Pink Swirl, Blurple Swirl, Pink/Blue Swirl, Lt. Blue Swirl, Lt Yellow Swirl


170-172g, 173-174g

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