Discraft Paul McBeth ESP Swirly Buzzz

Discraft Paul McBeth ESP Swirly Buzzz


The Buzzz is one of the most popular midrange discs in the world. This consistent, reliable, and stable disc will perform exactly how you want it to. With powerful throws the Buzzz will hold any line you put on it. With light, level throws it will fade slightly.





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Grey Blends, Blue Blends, Pink Blends, White, Green Blends, Yellow\Orange, Green, Yellow Blends, Purple Blends, Orange Blends, Yellow/Orange Blends, Red Blends, Brown Blends, Tan Blends, Clay Blends, Beige Blends, Teal Blends, Grey/Yellow Blends, Pink/Red Blends, Orange/Pink Blends, Blue/Pink Blends, Pink/Teal Blends, Lt. Pink, Pink/Purple Blends, Grey/Blue Blends


167-169, 170-172g, 173-174g, 177g+, 175-176g

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