Discraft UV Sparkle Scorch Val Mandujano

Discraft UV Sparkle Scorch Val Mandujano


The Scorch is an understable driver with an overstable finish. It is famous for providing signature “S” flights and can be handled by players of all skill levels. The slightly domey flight plate allows for added glide and increased distance even at slower speeds. This run features a limited edition Valerie Mandujano design and comes in Discraft’s UV Sparkle plastic. The unique UV plastic blend allows the disc to change colors when exposed to sunlight.

Distance Driver: Speed 11 | Glide 6 | Turn -2 | Fade 2 | Stability .5 



Discraft Scorch Z UV Valerie Mandujano

The Scorch is an understable distance driver. It is much like a longer Avenger SS. This makes it a great distance driver that will have some turn and a decent amount of fade, providing a consistent “S” curve flight path every time you rip it.

Long-distance flight with moderate power. The Scorch is fast and full of glide. Available now in Sparkle UV Z plastic for Discraft Team Player Val Mandujano.

Additional information

Scorch UV Color

UV Pink/Purple

Scorch UV Weight

173-174g, 170-172g, 167-169g, 164-166g

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