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Axiom Fission Hex

Axiom Fission Hex


One of Axiom’s most popular discs is back, and it’s now available in Fission too! With flight numbers of 5 | 5.5 | -1 | 1, the Fission Hex has a bit extra glide thanks to the extra GYRO of Fission plastic. For lower arm speed players, the Fission Hex will produce reliable straight to fade flights – becoming a dependable workhorse midrange that produces controllable flights on every angle. For higher power players, the Fission Hex will be a great hyzer-flip midrange – either flipping to flat for jaw-dropping tunnel shots or panning gently off of the line from flat before the fade kicks in to keep it from truly flipping. If you haven’t tried a Hex yet, what are you waiting for? The Fission Hex is here to take your midrange game to the next level!




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Yellow, White, Pink, Orange, Off-White, Blue, Purple, Highlighter, Red/Pink, Teal, Green, Green/Yellow, Lt. Grey, Red, Highlighter


175-177g, 169-171g, 172-174g

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