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Streamline Eclipse Lift Special Edition

Streamline Eclipse Lift Special Edition


Light up the fairway with the Eclipse Lift! Featuring industry-leading glow technology, the Eclipse Lift is about to revolutionize your glow fairway driver game. Not only will the Eclipse Lift produce an astounding glow, but it feels tremendous in the hand as well! Featuring a slightly gummy feel and reliably straight flights, the Eclipse Lift is sure to be a hit among both glow and solo-mold enthusiasts everywhere. Glow the sport with an Eclipse Lift today!

WEIGHTS: 173-175g

25 in stock


Roger Silver Leader, LZ is clear and takeoff protocol has commenced.

Coordinates entered and boosters primed. BUCKLE UP, ROOKIE and pick your jaw off the floor. VTOL is a go for launch!

From the imagination of Reide Perigo comes VTOL the Streamline Eclipse Lift SE! Standing for Vertical Take-Off and Landing vehicle, the VTOL is absolutely perfect on the Eclipse Lift SE!

Bring industry-leading glow to your solo-mold fairway game with the Eclipse Lift SE!

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