MVP Discs Plasma NOMAD James Conrad

MVP Discs Plasma NOMAD James Conrad

The Nomad is now available in MVP’s premium Plasma plastic!
With the enhanced durability and grip of our most premium plastic for putters, the Plasma Nomad is a go-to driving putter thanks to its reliable and straight flights.
In making the leap from Electron, the Plasma Nomad picked up an extra hint of fade — bringing its premium plastic flight numbers to 2 | 4 | 0 | 1.5. The Plasma Nomad is sure to be a hit with GYROnauts everywhere!

Expect a neutral flight inside the Circle, with some fade kicking in at Circle 2 — making the Nomad great at holding anhyzer or hyzer angles when need be. Off the tee, the Nomad’s straight-stable flight will let throwers of all power levels experience confident, straight lines with just enough glide to stick under the basket — not blow past it.






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Yellow, Green Burst, Orange Burst, Blue Burst, Pink, Purple, Red, Silver, Copper


163-165g, 166-168g, 167-169g, 170-172g, 173-175g, 167-169g, 164-166g

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