Kastaplast Järn K1 Large K Logo

Kastaplast Järn K1 Large K Logo



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Dedicated Controlled Approach

The Järn is Swedish for iron.  The Järn offers up a predictable fade along with the overstability to battle tough headwinds.  The low profile lends this mold to an easy grip in the hand.

The Järni s well suited for advanced players looking for a disc that is dedicated to the controlled approach shot.  The Järn will offer up a bit of touchy flex when powered with the right spin.





Independently owned and based in Stockholm, Sweden… Kastaplast has evolved from a grassroots movement in 2011, inside a small workshop to a worldwide community! 

Kastaplast keeps its ecological footprint as low as possible, utilizes solar energy as a major factor in production and recycling is a company-wide policy. Science, simulation, research, and extensive prototyping have led Kastaplast to have a massive fan base and throwers around the globe who love to bag their unique blend of plastics and popular molds!

Sweet Spot Disc Golf is happy to join the Kastaplat family 

What is K1 Plastic???

K1 is Kastaplast’s premium plastic. K1 is offered in ‘SOFT’ and stock firmness. K1 also comes in either clear (similar to Z|Champion|Lucid) or opaque/more solid plastic (think: ESP|Star|Fuzion).

Although K1 is offered in several varieties, you will not find each variety in each mold quite yet.


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176g, 173-175g

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