Innova Halo Star Toro Calvin Heimburg Tour Series

Innova Halo Star Toro Calvin Heimburg Tour Series


At [4|2|0|4] the Halo Toro is a flat, overstable, beadless mid-range that can handle the type of torque that world-class disc golfers produce. Calvin Heimburg provided Innova founder and president Dave Dunipace with substantial input to help create this extra-reliable, slow-speed midrange to his specifications, with added attention to the in-hand feel of the


WT. 173-175g





Elevate Your Disc Golf Game with the Calvin Heimburg Toro Putt & Approach

Looking to improve your disc golf putt & approach game? Look no further than the Calvin Heimburg Toro Putter from Innova! Designed with precision and performance in mind, this disc golf putter is a game-changer for both beginners and seasoned pros.


KEY FEATURES: 1. **Calvin Heimburg Signature Design**: This putt & approach disc is endorsed by none other than Calvin Heimburg, a renowned disc golf champion. Experience the advantage of playing with a putt & approach disc designed by a world-class pro.

2. **Versatile Performance**: The Toro putt &approach is engineered for versatility. Whether you’re approaching to the green or navigating driver off the tee, it offers exceptional control and accuracy.

3. **Consistent Grip**: The ergonomic design of the Toro putt &approach ensures a comfortable and consistent grip. This translates to more precise throws and increased confidence in your game.

4. **Durable Star Plastic**: Crafted from Innova’s high-quality Star Plastic, this putt & approach disc is built to last. It can handle the rigors of disc golf, ensuring it remains a staple in your disc arsenal for years to come.

5. **Enhanced Stability**: The Toro’s unique flight characteristics provide enhanced stability.

6. **Ideal for Intermediate and Advanced skill Levels**

7. **Increase Your Accuracy**: Precision is the name of the game when it comes to approaching and driving and the Calvin Heimburg Toro Putter delivers. With this disc in hand, you’ll find your accuracy improving with every round.

Sweet Spot Disc Golf is committed to offering top-quality disc golf equipment, and the Calvin Heimburg Toro Putter is no exception. Elevate your disc golf game today with this exceptional disc.

Order the Calvin Heimburg Toro Putt & Approach disc from Sweet Spot Disc Golf now and take your disc golf game to new heights!


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