Discraft Z Glo Ledgestone Zone

Discraft Z Glo Ledgestone Zone


The Discraft Zone is a slim putter with a thick rim that gives you something to hold on to. This is a very overstable putter that is good for headwinds, strategic fades, forehand throws, flick putts, and slamming into chains at just the right angle. Many Discraft enthusiasts will have a Zone in their bag as a putter that gets them out of a situation where a Flick, or sidearm putt is their only option. Being so overstable, this disc can handle the torque that a Flick will put on it!  LIMITED EDITION GLO DISCRAFT ZONE



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Introducing the Discraft Zone– a popular disc golf disc that is known for its excellent control and reliability on approach shots.


The Zone has been designed for maximum control, the Discraft Zone is the go-to disc for all your short-range shots. With a flat top and a wide rim, this disc provides a comfortable grip and a consistent release for precision shots.

Crafted with premium quality materials, the Zone offers unmatched durability and reliability. Whether you’re playing in a tournament or just practicing at the park, this disc will withstand the toughest conditions and keep your game on track.

Product specifications for the Discraft Zone:

  1. Stability: Overstable with a stability rating of 2.0.
  2. Speed: Rated with a speed of 4 on the disc golf flight rating system.
  3. Glide: Has a moderate glide of 3 on the flight rating system.
  4. Turn: Rated with a turn of 0, meaning it will not turn over easily.
  5. Fade: Has a dependable fade of 3 on the flight rating system, helping it finish strong and stay on course.
  6. Weight Range: Available in a weight range of 164-175 grams.
  7. Diameter: Has a diameter of 21.2 cm, which is within the regulation size for a disc golf disc.
  8. Rim Depth: The rim depth of the Zone is 1.2 cm, designed to provide stability and control.
  9. Rim Width: The rim width of the Zone is 1.0 cm, which is wide enough to offer stability and maintain a consistent flight path.
  10. Material: Made from premium-quality plastic, which makes it durable and able to withstand tough conditions on the course.


People often ask:  Is the Zone a midrange or a putter?

While it is true that some players use the Zone for putting, it is typically used for approach shots and short drives due to its stability and reliable flight path.


The Discraft Zone has a stable to overstable flight pattern, which means that it will generally fly straight with a reliable fade at the end of its flight. The disc has a moderate glide, which allows it to maintain its speed and direction for a short period of time before it begins to slow down and fade.

When thrown with a backhand or forehand technique, the Discraft Zone will generally fly on a straight line with a slight hyzer angle, which is a left-to-right curve for right-handed players and a right-to-left curve for left-handed players. As the disc loses speed, it will begin to fade to the left (for right-handed players) or to the right (for left-handed players), which makes it ideal for approach shots and accurate landing on the green.

The flight pattern of a Discraft Zone may vary slightly depending on the player’s throwing technique, the wind conditions, and the weight and plastic type of the disc. However, overall, the Discraft Zone is known for its consistency and reliability in its flight pattern, making it a popular choice among disc golfers for approach shots and short drives.

The Discraft Zone is a reliable and versatile disc that is a must-have for any disc golf player’s bag. Whether you are playing in a tournament or just practicing at the park, this disc will help you make accurate and controlled approach shots.

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