Discmania S-LINE P2

Discmania S-LINE P2


The P2 is the most iconic disc from Discmania. It has been the gold standard of putters since it was introduced in 2007.

S-Line P2 is going to have a higher tolerance for daily wear and tear out on the course and is generally a bit more overstable or torque resistant compared to its D-Line counterparts, making it an excellent choice for putter throws off the tee or to the green. Discmania’s reinvented S-Line plastic has a brilliant semi-glossy finish and a tacky grip to keep your shots tracking every line you put them on.

The P2 features the same straight-to-stable flight that made it one of the most popular discs in the World. It feels smooth and natural in the hand – just what you need to sink those crucial putts with confidence. Its characteristics make it excel as a throwing putter as well. You can count on it to find the way straight to the target with a dependable fade in all conditions.


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