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Discmania Horizon Cloud Breaker Eagle McMahon Creator Series

Discmania Horizon Cloud Breaker Eagle McMahon Creator Series


Gaze into the horizon and prepare to break the clouds! Eagle’s choice for maximum distance shots helps you elevate your drive game to a whole new level.

Players with more arm speed and power will be able to trust the Cloud Breaker in all conditions and use it as their main distance driver, both with forehand and backhand throws. Those with a bit less power or are still developing their skills can still take advantage of the good stability and glide that this disc offers.

Discmania’s iconic distance driver is now available in the eye-catching Horizon plastic! The Horizon plastic offers a great grip and fantastic durability.





Discmania takes the players needs and input into consideration when designing their discs. This has been the case for molds like the Cloud Breaker since its inception.  With the opening of Discmania’s own state of the art production facility, they have more control over their products than ever before. Now when Eagle asks for an adjustment to the Cloud Breaker Discmania can bring those requests to fruition at will.  The Cloud Breaker is a Creator Series mold, it is completely separate from the stock DD3 mold. If Discmania tweaks the Cloud Breaker according to Eagle’s wishes, only the Cloud Breaker changes — not the DD3.  And this is how the Creator Series was born!

The Creator Series initiative is more than a name. It is a commitment. When you see Creator Series you know you are getting the preferred flight, feel, and look of your favorite players. 


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Blue, Yellow, Purple, Aqua Blue


173-175g, 170-172g

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