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Innova Swirled Star TL3 Madison Walker Tour Series

Innova Swirled Star TL3 Madison Walker Tour Series


Madison Walker is a bonafide nature lover. With her passion for all kinds of biology, from plants and creeping critters to birds, fish, and mammals, it’s no wonder that she is fascinated by a hybrid animal that lives on the cutting edge of evolution; a lizard that flies. The TL3 is on the cutting edge of evolution, the evolution of the fairway driver. Its noble lineage descends from the power and distance of the world-beatingTeebird, with the straight-flying genetics and easy control of the wildly popular Leopard3. The offspring of these two disc golf favorites is the best of both worlds; a disc that is perfect for carving tight lines through the woods but with sneaky far distance to get way down the fairway. Molded in Innovas Swirled Star premium plastic, the Madison Walker TL3 was designed in the smooth-flying 156g-159g range, a friendly weight class that she uses almost exclusively on tour, and that almost anyone can power up to keep flying straight.

Weights 156-159.9g



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